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I successfully built a toolchain using these instructions, but with the latest versions of the utilities: gcc Just built a toolchain using these instructions with gcc A couple minor changes:. I installed all of these using homebrew.

You can still build for the arm-elf target with —enable-obsolete or maybe —with-obsolete though. Excellent guide. I managed to build the toolchain ,and even compile a little hi.

AVR/ARM Cross Toolchain for OS X

First time building a cross compiler toolchain and actually doing cross compilation, so my knowledge is pretty basic. Then here you go:.


This article expects that Xcode and homebrew are installed on your Mac and that your Raspberry Pi is running Linux and set up for login via ssh. In addition, we also install rsync from homebrew, which we need later:. In order to compile anything meaningful, we also need the libraries that come with our Raspberry Pi Linux distribution. There are multiple ways to obtain them, like using remote file systems.

This is however quite slow and requires to have the Rasbperry Pi online and running all the time while compiling. I found it more convenient to simply use rsync to sync the relevant directories directly to my Mac.

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Run the following command in your favourite directory e. Installing the toolchain will take some time depending on the available bandwidth and the overall speed of your machine. To get it working on your Mac, make sure to update to the latest MacPorts first, using: sudo port selfupdate sudo port upgrade outdated Continue by cloning my MacPorts repository and editing the MacPorts sources.

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Now you can continue installing the cross compiler ports, using either sudo port install arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc to install just the binutils, gcc and the basic runtime, or sudo port install arm-linux-gnueabi-ocaml-compiler to also install the OCaml cross compiler and its runtime.