Flash player for mac 10.6.8

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  2. adobe flash player mac os x 10.6.8!
  3. Visit Adobe's site and download the installer?
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If you can't view videos, this is the reason. What you need to do, is get a browser that will support HTML5. TenFourFox is the the browser that will solve this problem for you.

I personally have used this browser on an XServe G4 with Whether that's possible on YouTube made the conscious decision towards the end of last year to no longer support Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Youtube videos will not play under OSX I get a black rectangle with the "f" icon, but it won't play when I click on it.


It's time to uninstall Adobe's Flash from your Mac - here's how

Apple stopped updating OSX OldMac OldMac 6 2 2 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. Adobe Flash? Have you tried using a different browser? Same problem? Flash updates are at best buggy on OS X. I quite frequently clear recent history and all cookies. But I guess v Yes, absolutely more secure. By remaining with an older version, you are missing important security patches.

Adobe Flash Player für macOS - Download - CHIP

It's not just for groups or businesses. Ignore that. If you want it, which I wholeheartedly recommend:. You may also be interested in using Classic Theme Restorer, which gives many UI and tabs options, not available since the hideous rollout of Australis was that 29? I have the privacy tab directly in my FF menubar, so I can clear out specific cookies. Thank you for all the links including your 'critical update' link from an earlier reply. This is all new info for me. Will check everything out.

Mac 10.8 Download

System requirements is displayed directly below the version number on the left and when I click that, that's where it says Mac OS X v Thank you for all the information. I see there's more to consider than I realized. Will have to carefully weigh my options. When I go that link, I also see that. I think you should just disregard that and see what happens when you try to install it.

If it won't download or install, then get it from the other link I gave you. Running FF 48, or whatever the current, regular version is now, is as far as I know out of the question, since Mozilla no longer supports Firefox for So you're stuck with the version you're currently running not safe or going to the ESR. Thanks for the additional info.

Mac How-To: Fix Adobe Flash Player Issues

I trust if it proves problematic I can uninstall it and revert back to the version I've been using. Just want to take some time and read over everything really well. Sep 20, PM. Sep 20, PM in response to stopmotion In response to stopmotion.

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Just to let you, booted to my It reinstalled without any complaints or problems. Not sure why Adobe is saying only for Question: Q: Latest version of Flash Player for More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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    Do I need Flash on my Mac?

    You can download, install and run the Firefox ESR versions. Only security updates until April Do a search for the SeaMonkey project I don't have any links handy.

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