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All the features of GIMP are still present. You can create your own images with tools for airbrushing, penciling, cloning, and creating gradients. Power users can create their own brushes and patterns to use later.

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GIMP also allows users to manipulate images imported into the program. You can crop, add text, resize, and create nested layers.

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  7. There is even a way to animate your creations. The Gimp for Mac interface opens with a folder and file directory tree in the left pane, a set of thumbnail images in the middle pane, and a set of command icons and options across the top, right side, and bottom of the window. Once you select an image it is blown to full size and you can then use the comprehensive set of manipulation and touchup tools to alter the image and resave it. Learning the full power of Gimp for Mac will take months, but basic manipulation can be done in a few minutes once you figure out where the tools you need are.

    Seashore is an open source image editor for Cocoa. It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing. It is based around the GIMP's technology and uses the same native file format.

    Seashore isn't the most rounded pixel based image editor, but as a free application for OS X users it has a lot to offer, especially to users who don't need the full blown power Adobe Photoshop or even GIMP.

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    If you want to do anything else, you can reveal the image in its Finder window and act on it there. That includes renaming files or even viewing more information than just the filename. However, dragging and dropping images between Spect and the Finder moves files as you would expect the Finder to act. Spect is an image viewer that, in this version, wants to remain simple and do one task well.

    I respect this approach, although it does make me long for just a few more options, such as set Finder labels or even send an image to a photo-editing application. A free trial version, downloadable from the Spect website , allows unlimited browsing but disables other features. The approach taken by the free Phiewer and its paid version, Phiewer Pro , is to emphasize viewing one image at a timeā€”no complaints about not being able to view a photo here!

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    A grid of thumbnails appears in a sidebar, and you can resize the thumbnails to get a better idea of which image is which. NEF raw files, but remained blank for Canon. CR2 raw files, Fujifilm.

    Photo browser utilities for the Mac: Quickly sort through a photo shoot

    You need to select each thumbnail and wait for the application to read it and create a viewable image in the main viewing area. However, that behavior worked only when I was reviewing images on an attached memory card, not browsing folders on my hard disk. Phiewer Pro adds a host of editing controls, such as aligning and cropping, and applying filters for aspects such as brightness, contrast, and the like.

    Both Phiewer and Phiewer Pro include a basic slideshow tool. PhotoBulk 2 review: You can set the interval speed of each slide, choose transition effects and select your music from really cool handpicked background tracks. There is also the possibility to select your own music from your hard drive.

    Setting the Slideshow to loop and you will have endless running Memories. You can even play videos and audio mixed within your Slideshow and the music gets automatically dimmed or muted for a nice Media Center like entertainment experience. It turns the whole interface background into a blurred ambience like you may have seen in lots of videos on the web.

    Improved file dialogs and system windows display.

    Best Image Viewers for Mac

    Keep content on reopen. I am surprised to see some of the low ratings here, because this is a great viewer. It can view images and GIFs, and it can play videos and even audio. It has a slideshow option that allows you to change the duration and apply music, and it has different sorting options like ABC order or most recent.

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    This really works for me, because all I needed was a viewer that could view all of my media files in order. I do animation, and I have several frames and video files for a single sequence, and now I can view them all like a flipbook kind of.

    Spect is a super-fast image browser for Mac

    Phiewer even has a slick icon and interface. With the way the icon looks, Clover might be a good one. It has the potential to be very good for culling large quantities of photographs. I typically drop a camera card of files into a folder then go through that folder to delete what is unwanted.