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Except there is no reason to use non free software when it is built into Disk Util. While I agree that a single DVD is more convenient than multiple CDs, given the disparity between the read speeds for the two formats, I should think that the install would be much slower with the DVD. Why not use the above methods to put the install on a portable firewire disk for maximum speed?

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If you make a disk image from a bootable CD, the disk image will be bit-by-bit identical to the original and will thus also be bootable. If you make a new non-bootable image, just copying some files to it won't make it bootable; you still need to modify the header. About the first steps: I already made an image of the install cds, so I could use the first image as a base.. If you make it too large, you just shrink it with the resize option again..

Most likely I had the export mode on with disc copy see hints on macosxhints.

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Is there an export mode with the panther version of disc utility there must be? For including installers and other installs of updated software and possible other software, I would really like to know how that can be done. This already saves me awful lot of time as I have to manage the macs at work.. Hi, I've been working through this and so far so good, but at step 6 I see no such plist files to edit.

There are 5 items in the packages folder, a QT installer and 4 other packages printer drivers, X11, etc. I have followed the instructions carefully I believe , I must be missing something? These are Thanks, Brian. Can anyone Give step by step instructions on adding packages to the install, It seems very confusing when i read other posts Thanks Beto.

I just managed to install Panther using disk images of the official installation disks.

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As other people have found, I couldn't create a CD that I could start up from using the disk images I had, and the installer wouldn't run from my external firewire drive. However, I found that some of the. There you go. You may not have CDs but at least you'll have Panther. The logging in as root thing is very important; if the installer is run by anyone apart from root then the resulting startup disk will have some of the permissions set up wrong and won't work.

Thanks Ditdotdat. You don't know how useful this comment was. Some useful additional information: This works on a single drive that is formatted with two paritions. I used it to update Jaguar and upon restart was asked for disk 2, which I luckily had a cd copy of. This also helped me install panther despite my broken cd drive in an ibook Because one cannot start up from a usb cd drive. Another interesting thing is that once panther was installed my previously useless built in cd rom drive kind of works now.

I think Jaguar was getting a bit bloated and having a hard time using it for some reason. I just tried to use the built in burner, but couldnt select the image file. I tried to use toast version 6, when i loaded the image file it also wouldnt do it disk copy to disk nor would it work using data. Any suggestions? OK, I managed to make the DVD and it boots OK, but part-way through installation says "errors occoured" and does not complete the install properly the target disk is also not available as a startup disk. Anyone know what this could be? Is there a log somewhere? I followed all directions and all altered all files listed in this thread.

Anyone out there? I've tried to follow the commands for expanding the disk image very carefully, and the "-partitiononly" command always fails with the "resize request is above maximum size allowed" error. The image file size "-imageonly" command is executed without error. Any attempt to increase the partition size to any but a tiny bit larger than its existing size fails with that error.

I'm using How can I resize the image? I can't seem to grow the partition either. I found some other instructions that suggested using Disk Copy from a Jaguar installation, but that didn't work either. I also tried the sparseimage suggestion, but when I try to restore the CD to the sparseimage I gen an error: "Lost connection to helper tool.

I worked for like 4 hours on this and got frustrated to no end.

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But I've definitely come to the conclusion that the initial steps posted about don't work in The max stretch size is set at like MB so you can't -stretch or resize the file beyond that. I've tried creating the image in many different ways using hdiutil but data always seems to get lost along the way and the image doesn't boot.

I'm trying the tip right now about making a sparse image and then copying data over that way. I'll get back on how that works for me.

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I tried the other method and it didn't work as well. I have just come to the conclusion that you need that exact image of the OS X Install Disc, but for some reason in Hi folks, I got some The only problem is, if I try to use the installer DVD on my G4 I get the message: the bundled software can not be installed on this computer. So, for example, you could add your baisc You've got the "broken OS folder " on screen. Any other way to make it bootable, and avoid the "bundle software cannot be installed on your computer" message? I can't burn from Disk Copy because my burner is too recent and its driver requires I'm stucked in my updating I tried Slipy as well, but also requires Burning from Toast didn't work.

Any other utility soft or Unix commands??? I have to add a slight change to this comment. I finally got it after 4 days of deep insist and troubles. Follow steps as mentioned and then: When you create this new image with Disk utility from Then you can follow step 4 till Step 12, for those whose burner is not seen by Disk Utility, you can use Toast test used 6. Click in the menu copy ticking image file on the advanced toggle. Drag and drop your image. That is the important bit as well. And this will work. That's cool. You're ready to go.

Hi, it's been 3 days i'm trying to find someone who experienced the same message error. Did you get sorted out? I have exactly the same message saying "Bundle softwares cannot be installed on this computer". Could you please help me, and share your experience. I have tried even doing this from a formatted hard drive with a fresh install of Panther and it still didn't work. The max stretch size on the partition always seems to be MB or around there.

I can't make the -partitiononly command grow it beyond that.

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I have tried other methods listed here and I've also tried just playing with hdiutil to get it to work and no luck. And I really have thoroughly tested it, burned about 10 coasters. If anyone has any suggestions as to why my. I always get error 22, that it is beyond the max size. Thanks for any help, would love to get some suggestions.

Just wanted to chime in that I've just used the technique, suggested by the poster above, that uses Disk Utility in Panther to: It works like a charm! I must say, it's very slow on an older machine with a slow DVD drive, but on a newer machine, it works great Good luck, John-o. This hint really needs to have an updated version released. I've spent all morning trying to get this to work. I then copied the other disks and edited the. Do not use third party utilities. In older versions of Disk Utility drag the. Click once on it to select.

Insert blank CDR. Click the BURN button. Disk Utility the new one says that both sets of images aren't bootable. And I've tried the discs on my iMac G3 and it doesn't restart. Any help would be appreciated!

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It's a I did get it running again; there was some sort of power problem that I still don't understand but was able to fix appeared to be some sort of contact short. Same result with Tiger. I'll try what you said! Firewire must be built in. If you get the machine running again I would start with an earlier OSX ie I would not run Tiger on anything less than a MHz machine.

I just replace the entire motherboard. I have no idea why all of a sudden the power stopped working, I was just using it last night. I edited my last msg so hope your getting all this Sounds like maybe you need a pram battery, pram reset, or pmu reset. My Mirror Door G4 runs without any battery, has no clock set on powerup, whereas a weak low voltage battery might choke the system. Your G3 may or may not require a charged battery Very frustrating.