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For more information, please see the website: For this reason, these compilers may provide improved performance over the Gnu compilers. This is a major upgrade. In order to use the compilers, you will want to add something like this to your. There is extensive documentation in: Unlike the generic Gnu compiler gfortran , the compilers from Intel are optimized for Intel processors, the CPU chips in most of our Linux machines, including all Dell systems.

NetCDF network Common Data Form is a set of software libraries and data formats that support the array-oriented scientific data. More info can be found on the website: See here for more information: The PDL module gives standard perl the ability to store and manipulate large N-dimensional data sets for scientific computing. To use it, place this in the front of your PATH: Full documentation can be found on the website: MPI provides a library interface and process management tools for writing and running programs on multiprocessor machines.

For help using the software, see: Please e-mail help astro if you would like these tools available on a Mac. To use the interface, you will need a line like this in your Perl code: For more information, see the FAQ at http: It has many features to process text files and to do system management tasks as in Perl. For more information, see the extensive web page: The "expat" XML parser has also been installed. These modules support the handling of XML files in Perl.

For more information, see the web pages: It supports multiple output formats postscript, x11, png, svg, gif , understands simple TeX, and sports a high-level, elegant interface. It's intended for technical users with sophisticated plotting needs. The same version was already installed on the Linux computers. More information is available on the web page: There is local documentation on these at: This set of modules provides a Perl interface to the World-Wide Web.

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This is a GNU version of the standard "curses" library. It has been installed primarily to support other software, such as the 'lynx' text browser. More information is available on the web site: More info can be found in the manual page: Many of the modules on Linux and Solaris have not been installed, although Spamassassin 2. Documentation can be found in: Please see the web site for more information: It also helps to manage releases and to control the concurrent editing of source files among multiple authors.

See the man page for cvs for more information or the webpage www. This is an advanced Java tool which provides a programming environment for developing Java applications. Contact help astro if you would like to use this product, as you will need the license information the first time that you run the tool.

There is a complete manual set in Robinson Rm 52 as well as on-line help with the command: This upgrade was performed merely for the sake of completion.

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We were previously running V2. Solaris expect V5. Solaris gcc 2. To use this version of the compiler, you will need to add this to the front of your PATH: Solaris gcc 3. More information on mutt can be found at: For a list of changes, see http: It is setup to reject e-mails that contain known e-mail viruses. We run imap with SSL encryption. For more details on this software, see: This program does two things. In interactive mode, it sets up the. In non-interactive mode, it automatically replies to a persons incoming e-mail.

See it's man page for more details. It may be run as: For information on the new features, see the release notes at http: Version 6 of Netscape is an entirely different program than the older Netscape 4, providing a much different interface, as well as more modern features such as Instant Messaging. Try it out as: It includes a "Help" menu for more information.

It can be run on a per-user basis, or on a site-wide basis. When SpamAssassin identifies a spam, it changes the "Subject: This upgrade mostly fixes performance bugs which cause clamav-milter to hog CPU on solaris. For more details on clamav, please see http: This browser provides a fast way to access web pages, albeit without graphics.

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It is often useful over slow network links, such as a modem. To start the program: There is also a detailed Users Guide available: It can be combined with plugger for embedded mpegs in web pages, or can be run standalone. More information is at: It allows us to have embedded mpegs, and lots of other different types of files in netscape Lots of information and instructions on installing other utilities at: It works non-interactively, thus enabling downloads in the background.

This will allow the Linux 'ntalk' daemon to talk to the Solaris 'talk' daemon so that the talk program will work. This server runs on port and supports the Palomar observing database efforts.

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The primary web server for the Astronomy Department is still the Apache 1. For more information on AOLserver, see the web page: Macromedia Flash is a common means for integrating dynamic graphics into web pages. This plugin should allow all users to transparently view such pages with Netscape. Solaris Netscape 7. We have installed it on our web server agn.

For more information, please see: This software provides a fast, stable web browser and offers other features like newsgroup reading and e-mail support. For information on the new features, see the release notes at: Users who require the most advanced web browser should instead use Netscape 6 Solaris , Netscape 7 Linux , or Mozilla Linux and Solaris. This program allows automatic filtering of incoming e-mails by subject, or sender.

Man pages procmailrc 5 and procmailex 5 2.

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An FAQ for mail filtering at http: This plugin should allow all users to transparently view such pages with Netscape and mozilla. For information on the features, see the release notes at http: It is a web browser only; If you need a mail client, please use the related "thunderbird" software. More information can be found on the website: It has only been installed on our Intel Macs.

More information is available from the website: The Funtools library provides simplified access to FITS images and binary tables, as well as to raw array and binary event lists. The Funtools utilities provide high-level support for processing astronomical data. This package is most useful for researchers who are occasional but serious software coders.

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It is described in detail on its web page: As stated on the web page, "Aladin is an interactive software sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized images of any part of the sky, to superimpose entries from astronomical catalogs or personal user data files, and to interactively access related data and information from the SIMBAD, NED, VizieR, or other archives for all known objects in the field.

Aladin is particularly useful for multi-spectral cross-identifications of astronomical sources, observation preparation and quality control of new data sets. It can be run as: On Mac OS X, just double click on: The Gemini Observing Tool is the software used for detailed definition and pre-planning of observations from approved proposals during the Phase II process. This version supports new programs for semester B. The program is run under Linux and Solaris by typing: There is a built-in Help menu, and more details can be found on the web page: This is a minor patch to fix a number of bugs, especially under Linux.

The changes are described in detail at: We will re-synchronize the versions when IRAF 2. For more information, one should probably check out the MIR Cookbook: PIT is a Java-based tool for the preparation and submission of proposals for time on the Gemini telescopes. For more information, including a "Beginner's Cookbook", see the web pages: It recognizes objects in an image and is able to classify them as stars, galaxies, etc. SExtractor has been upgraded to version 2. Note that the Mac OS X version of these tools is a native Mac application and as such can be found in: The demo and calibration data have also been installed, in the directory: This is a major update.

For a description of the new features, see: The complete web page is at: It includes large numbers of astronomical objects, such as the Messier objects, as well as planetary data. To run the program: We currenly have this installed on the bit and bit Linux machines: Let help astro know if you would like either of those to be upgraded. Complete release notes documenting the changes in this version of the software can be found at: More information is available on the CIAO web site: This upgrade includes a number of changes outlined in: From the web page: In order to use it, you will probably need to source a startup file: To use that version instead, source this file: The version on Linux bit is still the slightly older v5.

In order to use the programs, you will probably want something like this in your. This version is needed for the latest cycle 19 proposals. This powerful data analysis and visualization package has online help type '? This is a major upgrade; IDL 8. Users might also consult the ITT Visualization web site: The library provides for easy access of FITS data files, including the header and data segments.

For documentation, see: For a bit of information on this feature, see: More information can be found on the web site: This is a reasonable upgrade from our previous version, 31DEC08, so parameter files may need to be reset and some tasks will have new parameters to add. A full description of the package, including a "Cookbook" and other documentation, is available at the AIPS web site: Note that your machine must be setup to run AIPS properly.

Coupled with databases and basic models, CASSIS is particularly useful to identify lines and to deduce physical parameters. MOOG is a numerical code for performing a variety of LTE line analysis and spectrum synthesis tasks, such as determining the chemical composition of a star. For more information, including instructions for usage and examples, see the local documentation: Users wishing to help in the SETI project may want to run something like this: If you would like, register as a member of the "Caltech Astronomy Department" account, and our work will accumulate as a group.

More information is available from the SETI home web site: It has been installed in the directory: The DEEP calibration files have been upgraded as well. You will probably need some environment definitions as well, similar to these: PATH ; setup non-standard system variables for astro library astrolib The following must be defined in your startup file e.

It was specifically developed to cope with multi-band imaging data as are common in modern extragalactic imaging surveys, and to be modular and therefore easily adaptable to specific needs. To use yoda, add this to your PATH: The program itself can be run as: Although quite old, this package provides a number of useful astronomy tasks, many of which are unique to this package.

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The package and its tasks all contain help pages accessible through the standard IRAF 'help' command. The pipeline is useful for re-calibrating older data retrieved from the FUSE archive at MAST, which might have been processed with an earlier version of the pipeline.

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In order to use it, you will need to define something like this: The software is run by typing: There are some helpful documents at the URL: This software simulates the response of the Chandra X-ray Observatory and is extremely useful for Chandra proposals and data analysis.