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No itch and rash on your skin! We did not invite you. You do not know us, nor do you know our world. Cyberspace does not lie within your borders. Do not think that you can build it, as though it were a public construction project. You cannot. It is an act of nature and it grows itself through our collective actions. It was written 12 years ago. I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever read. I wanted my kid to grow up in a world where cyberspace was free—and where that freedom infected the real world, so meatspace got freer too.

He swallowed hard and scrubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand. Van awkwardly patted him on the shoe. Millions more, too. The city is literally in flames. Whole cities have disappeared from the map. They were trying to recover from last night's worm when disaster struck.

We have independent power.

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We are in charge of the most important organizational and governmental tool the world has ever seen. We are the closest thing to a government the world has right now. Geneva is a crater. The East River is on fire and the UN is evacuated. We are the custodians of a deathless, monstrous, wonderful machine, one with the potential to rebuild a better world. There were tears in Van's eyes.

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He wasn't the only one. They didn't applaud him, but they did one better. They maintained respectful, total silence for seconds that stretched to a minute. The newsgroups were filling up fast. They'd announced them in news. The new group was alt. Bless the wooly alt. The sysadmins came out of the woodwork. The Googleplex was online, with the stalwart Queen Kong bossing a gang of rollerbladed grunts who wheeled through the gigantic data-center swapping out dead boxen and hitting reboot switches.

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The Internet Archive was offline in the Presidio, but the mirror in Amsterdam was live and they'd redirected the DNS so that you'd hardly know the difference. Amazon was down. Paypal was up. Blogger, Typepad and Livejournal were all up, and filling with millions of posts from scared survivors huddling together for electronic warmth.

The Flickr photostreams were horrific.

Felix had to unsubscribe from them after he caught a photo of a woman and a baby, dead in a kitchen, twisted into an agonized heiroglyph by the bioagent. They didn't look like Kelly and 2. He started shaking and couldn't stop. Wikipedia was up, but limping under load. The spam poured in as though nothing had changed. Worms roamed the network. Felix knew that this would work. Usenet newsgroup votes had been running for more than twenty years without a substantial hitch.

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The Americans insisted on President, which Felix didn't like. Seemed too partisan. His future wouldn't be the American future. The American future had gone up with the White House.

He was building a bigger tent than that. There were French sysadmins online from France Telecom. The EBU's data-center had been spared in the attacks that hammered Geneva, and it was filled with wry Germans whose English was better than Felix's.

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They spoke polyglot English in. Some of the admins were cooling out the inevitable stupid flamewars with the practice of long years. Some were chipping in useful suggestions. Felix had to admit she had a point. Queen Kong was sharp. Not many woman sysadmins, and that was a genuine tragedy. Women like Queen Kong were too good to exclude from the field. He'd have to hack a solution to get women balanced out in his new government. Require each region to elect one woman and one man? He happily clattered into argument with her. The elections would be the next day; he'd see to it.

It's more dignified, sounds cooler and it'll get you just as far. The room smelled like a dingleberry: twenty-five sysadmins who hadn't washed in at least a day all crammed into the same room. For some of them, it had been much, much longer than a day. There are plenty of people who think I'm full of shit and I respect them for that, since they're all running opposite me or backing someone who is.

That's your choice. What's not on the menu is nagging and complaining. Bedtime now, or get up and post your platform. Sario sat up slowly, unrolling the jacket he had been using for a pillow and putting it on. There were other people in the running. Some of them weren't even sysadmins. A US Senator on retreat at his summer place in Wyoming had generator power and a satellite phone.