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>>> How to play pokemon lost silver on android

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P3D Developer. Mar 20, This thing doesn't change a single file of the original game. It only uses GameMode features.

"Pokemon: Lost Silver" Creepypasta

Mattyjames22 Dragon Tamer Mar 21, I hope that you or someone else keeps this Up to date the the Lost Silver Game shouldn't be hard to find if you look I even told the guy who did it about this so you might hear from him. Overall Nice Job feels creepier this way keep up the work on the game in general. Shou Liengod Active Member Contributor.

Pokemon Silver

Trusted Support. Mar 21, Bengashouse Fisherman Mar 21, Falkner Active Member Mar 22, Fonte s :.

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Hacks usually require you to use the original rom for the game ie Pokemon fire red for the creepy black hack this means that when you find the hack you'll need to patch it into the original rom using a program ie lunar ips for hacked snes games I'm not too familiar with hacked games but there ya go. Nobody has managed to solve the freezing problems yet, so my only advice is to save every few minutes so you won't lose much data when it does freeze.

Give it time, I'm sure in the next few weeks somebody will develop a patch that stops it, but until then we'll have to put up with it Hope I Helped! Use Google, it's your best friend.


Creepypasta turned playable: Play Pokémon Lost Silver here. *shudder* : pokemon

Perguntas existentes. Pokemon soul silver after battle rom crash? How do I play Pokemon Lost Silver online on a mac?