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I have an issue with my GN2 where some times all widgets stop working. The clock widget freezes while the clock at the top works fine , handcent widget won't update, assistive light stops working, etc The problem is always solved with a reboot. It just seems weird. It has done that as long as I have had the phone, even with the most recent update. Any ideas?

Like 0. Are you running a Task Killer app or something similar? I am using advanced task killer.

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Also I don't even have to do anything with the task killer for it to stop working. I can go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning tbe clock widget will still say its the middle of the night and so on. Originally Posted by papabear4jc. Originally Posted by werkx.

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You've been lucky so far with ATK, but it has finally caught up with you now. Do yourself a favor and uninstall it, burn it with fire, then go tell it on the mountain so no one else fall in the same trap for the need of a 3rd party task killer. Seriously, you don't need it.

How do I uninstall old applications without the .dmg files

It's finally showing its ugly head to you with the UI glitches. OK so that didn't seem to solve the problem. See the two images below. The first is when I woke up this morning. You can see the discrepancy in the time. The second has the same time discrepancy but it is after I cleared all my notifications and checked all text messages.

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Do you have any other apps controlled app running? What is that shield icon next to the Lookout icon?

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  • That icon is for juice defender. Juice defender really isn't necessary on this phone, I haven't used it since my hero, and I paid for it back then. I'll try removing it and see what happens. So far so good. Use Splashtop for free to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance.

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    Splashtop Personal is for non-commercial use only, i. For commercial use in a professional environment, please use Splashtop Business which is designed for the workplace offering enhanced manageability, security, and compliance www. Use the built-in profiles for popular apps or create your own.

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